Own music on hold is played if callee puts me on hold instead of callees MOH


I’m calling to a number which starts with an announcement. Afterwards they put me on hold. This is done w/ a reinvite (invite in-dialog) and dsp option a=sendonly. From now on, music on hold starts - but my own one and not the callee’s one (but the callee’s one can be seen in the wireshark trace).

Ok - that’s not that bad, because I like my own MOH more than the one of the callee. Anyway, I’m wondering if I have the ability to switch off this feature, because maybe the callee wants to tell me interesting things :wink:

I’m using FreePBX and asterisk 13.11.2.


Don’t allow reinvites?

How should this be realized? canreinvite is the same as directmedia
since asterisk 1.6.2 and does only care about self generation of
reInvites “for the specific purpose of setting up a direct media path”.

Do you have any idea how to do it?

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