Outgoing CID on SIP trunk

Hi all,

I am setting up FreePBX for the first time and hvae a problem with outgoing CID.
Calls can be receieved from the PSTN vis the SIP trunk and the CID is correct.
All outgoing calls show as ‘unknown’.
My SIP provider has run a debug and told me that “You’re not sending any public caller ID. There’s nothing in the From header and no PAID header at all so the system has nothing but the account number to use. As this is an invalid caller ID some of our carriers will reject the call. Others will simply set it to Anonymous.”

SIP trunk config has our main number as outgoing CID, and also ‘Allow any CID’ set.
Not quite sure how to turn on the debug for the actually outgoing SIP trunk messages so that I can see what is going on.

Any one have any clues as to how I may solve this?

Something like this in your trunk peer details will set the PAI header and the outbound callerId that you are sending is as shown in the CDR reports.

sendrpid = pai

Hi Lorne,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have trustrpid=yes and sendrpid=pai set in the advanced settings menu.

When I check the CDR, the outbound CID is set as I expect. Everything looks okay, except the SIP provider tells me that we are not sending the CID to them.

Oddly, I have just run a test with a dummy outgoing CID… and that does not reach the CDR logs - they still show my intended outgoing CID
Outbound route module does not have any CID settings which could over-ride the one set at the trunk.

Having them set in Advanced Settings is not the same as trunk peer details.

Perfect… that solves my issue.
I spotted the setting in ‘Settings | advanced settings’ but had not seen the similar settings in “Trunks | pjsip | Advanced | Send RPID/PAI”

Thanks again for your quick response.

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