Outgoing Calls fail sporadically

At one installation (newest FreePBX) we see following behavier from time to time:

Customer reports, he cannot call out (get back busy signal or something), while on the CLI nothing happens (verbose set to 30). i checked if the endpoints are registered, and they are. on inbound calls we got the message, that the line is not reachable.
after a reboot the system works normal again. this happend now three times. we switched also from core 14 to core 15, but it didn’t help.

does anybody has an idea what could be the cause of this?
we installed all updates, switched to core 15, but i have no idea what else i could do to fix this problem.
any hints would be great!

Your trunk is obviously offline. I mean you didn’t provide any logs or details, but that is what you are describing.

no, the trunk was registered. which logs do you want to have next time? i am pretty sure, the problem will occure once more time unfortunatelly.
and also, if the trunk would have been offline, we should have seen something in the CLI, at least the dialplan that was used…but there was NOTHING …

Make sure that you don’t have one of the buggy Asterisk versions.

Otherwise, when it happens again, check whether the extension is unreachable, or all extensions go unreachable.

You mean the Core module in FreePBX? Or are you referring to Asterisk?

i mean the asterisk-version-switch, that changes the asterisk-core behind freepbx. but now we are on 16. i will wait and see if the problem occurs again.

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