Outbound Routing with Multiple SIP Registrations to same Provider

If I have multiple SIP registrations via different usernames with different telephone numbers but with the same provider how exactly do I go about setting up an outbound route to direct calls?

Bump. I could really use some insights here if anyone has any ideas or could point me in the right direction.

Have you tried the Extension Routing module, seems like that would work.

You don’t give enough information and it does not look like you know how to setup a FreePBX system. There are various free books out there you should probably read to get a better understand of the system…

Typically these “multiple SIP registrations” would be with YOUR server not the provider. You only have ONE trunk with the provider and your outbound routes would define how the calls are routed. As suggested by edlentz you can also use the “extension routing” module to define which trunk each extension on your server is allowed to use.

I had a similar situation where I had several sip accounts. That’s no biggie - just create a separate trunk for each account.
Now, to control which trunk gets used when you make an outbound call then one way is to use a multi-line sip phone with different extensions. Your desired outbound route is then assigned to the extension button.

Lots of phones connected to FreePBX with a single outbound SIP trunk?

This is, by far, the simplest and most common setup on the planet.

If you want help, you are either going to have to provide more information or more money. There are lots of people here that could easily log into your system and get your system set up in a couple of seconds.