Outbound Emergency Issue

I have noticed a call on one of my managed servers and traced the details through. I have my outbound routes set up more or less like the following:

  1. E911 - Matches all emergency calls, usually built using the template from the route building screen.
  2. Standard US calls - Matches all US number calls.

In my E911 route, I have route type: Emergency selected. I have a Route CID entered as such: “CNAM” <+1XXXXXXXXXX>
I also have Override Extension enabled. From the description of this, “If checked the extension’s Outbound CID will be ignored in favor of this CID. The extension’s Emergency CID will still be used if the route is an Emergency Route and the Extension has a defined Emergency CID.”

So I have a user who placed a 911 call. On the users extension screen, I have a designated outbound CID specified for a DID assigned to them. The emergency CID is blank. So according to the description above, the matched call to 911 should force the CID I specified in the emergency route since there is not one specified for the extension for Emergency CID. Yet this call showed the outbound caller ID as her normal Outbound CID.
This caused a non-registered E911 charge from my carrier and I thought it could have been something I slipped up on, but it’s all built correctly to my knowledge. Am I misunderstanding something here?

Can you provide asterisk logs for the call in question?

I recently had to move this set up from one server to another. So I don’t have the raw logs from when this call took place. Here is the detail list of the CDR record for that call.

You might be able to test the setup by dialing 933. Our trunk provider has that option to test outbound emergency caller ID and address information. That way you can replicate the situation and see what’s going on.

Edit: Make sure you have 933 as a dial pattern in your emergency outbound route.

Excellent idea. Fortunately, my provider does allow for this too and I already had it matching. When I perform a test call, it does match the correct number for the E911. I ended up moving from one server to another because I did a clean install and backup/restore due to various random issues. This may have been one of those.

Thanks @dobrosavljevic

Good deal.

Actually once we confirm that things are working with 933 we actually also dial 911 and ask them to verify the information on all our new system installs. They actually don’t mind at all verifying that everything is setup and working correctly for them as well.

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