Outbound CID Questions (Outbound Route & Ext)

I have 2 questions regarding Outbound CID.

1- Should I set the Outbound CID as +12223334444 or 12223334444 - What works for both local and international dialing?

2- I am able to set the Outbound CID number through the Outbound Route - but I want to retain the first part (the caller Name) from the ext. Basically I want something like by setting the outbound CID in the outbound router “$USER” <12223334444> - which means that the $USER will change based on the ext and the number will remain the same.

Thanks in advance.

You should be good to go either way. If the setting doesn’t work at the remote end, the caller will get your caller ID as “Private” (or whatever their provider uses for “errors” in CID).

I don’t know of a way to do this without a custom outbound context.

If you are in NANP land, I suggest you use NXXNXXXXXX (10 digits) it is the way it was originally designed to be used, As to setting the CallerID(name) that would be very hit or miss in the US , most termination services either ignore it or do there own ‘dip’ in to the LERG database

Some VSP’s will associate a name with your DID sometimes as an extra cost, If that gets into the LERG, perhaps that would work.