Outbound CallerID is now all of a sudden the extension number and not the outbound route / trunk CID

I’m on the latest edge packages and after updating today, my outbound CIDs are showing up on the far end as the internal extension number instead of the outbound route CID or the trunk CID. Any ideas? I changed nothing on my end except update modules.

Edit: There is definitely a regression here. I created a new extension without an Extension CID or Emergency CID, the outbound route has a CID defined and override extension CID enabled…even so, the CID transmitted is the extension number (i.e. 1207). The only way I can kick it is to force CID at the trunk level.

Disabled edge and reverted all modules that were marked as “newer” than what was available in the stable branch. Problem is gone.

That’s not a fix, you’ve only delayed the issue until the relevant module is promoted from edge to stable. Sharing a call trace via pastebin may provide a clue, I expect one of your old calls is still logged.

Wasn’t proposing this as a solution, just as confirmation that there is a regression in a module. Now time to upgrade modules one at a time until the problem manifests itself again.

I started having this same issue after a recent auto-update on our systems. I am having to force override the CID on the EXT itself, trunk or outbound route to get calls to go through to our carrier.

Otherwise, the SIP phone’s ext is being passed as the CID and outbound calls are failing.

This is on a PBXact system using an IAX trunk to voip.ms.

@vbman213 Is this on an IAX trunk for you also? We are running the standard repo and I’m not sure which module to roll back.

I’d start with “core”

Thanks, @billsimon. I see a new commit here that may fix this issue: git.freepbx.org/projects/FREEPBX/repos/core/commits

Will this be released soon or should I roll back.
Issue that I don’t have access to see: [FREEI-2848](https://git.freepbx.org/plugins/servlet/jira-integration/issues/FREEI-2848)

Rolling back to Core fixed the issue for now. Thank you.

I see the fix here: https://git.freepbx.org/projects/FREEPBX/repos/core/commits/e768763b29e2ea5d1a92bbb0532d2acfeab9d370 and it makes sense, but could someone please explain what problem with queue callback was originally being addressed?

That line was added here

Has nothing to do with queue callback according to the commit message.

FREEI-2738 PBX does not forward the original callerID to a misc destination

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