Outbound call reporting

Hi, I have a PBXact with call centre and wallboard commercial modules.

I wanted to have a live wallboard with call stats for agents, free / busy. Number of calls made. Average call times etc.
Here is the issue.

I want to do this for outbound calls not inbound Queues.

It would seem it is only possible for inbound???

If it is not possible with the modules (Paid commercial) from Sangoma is there a 3rd party module I can use for this.
I find it hard to believe that with all the features available this is not.

I would appreciate any help or guidance.


Here is simialr topic:

There are links that can help you build a report that will display what you need.

It will be nice though if some of you can work together to build a report and post it in the FreePBX Documentation Center, so people can benefit from this much requested report.

Asternic QueueMetrics has a neat hack where they make outbound calls look like queue calls for reporting purposes.

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