Real-time statistics


is there any free module that can show me a real time statistics for each queue like

calls in each queue
answered calls in each queue
abounded calls
hold time average

and display them in a wallboard.


None that I am aware of unless you were to do it yourself using the data you can query from Asterisk.

The solutions I am aware of (all paid):

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If you decide to build something, let us know. While anyone that “needs” it would certainly get one of the commercial solutions, those of us that just think this kind of crap is cool wouldn’t mind seeing what you did.


We did something similar using a webpage that just displayed the outputs of shell asterisk CLI commands (using cgi-bin). It did not look fancy, but on a webpage, every refresh (built in timer to refresh every 30 seconds), we displayed:

Calls in Queue:
Oldest Call Waiting:
Agents Signed In:
Agents Paused:

Literally looks just like the above, but it worked in a pinch.


hi comtech,

that’s cool,since we are looking for the functionality not the good looking, could you please share us your cgi-bin script.

Here’s how to make the site:

Here’s references to data sources you might want to display on the site. We did a lot of CLI commands, then cut the result before displaying on the site.

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thanks a lot, i’ll try to do it and update you,
thanks again

You can also get most of these data with AMI


hi PitzKey
do you have an example :slight_smile:

Look through the Asterisk docs

You might also want to look at

edit - more links

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