Outbound call delay

Small Sangoma appliance and Yealink T48S phones. Client picks up and dials a number. 15 second or more delay, and the call might go through. If they hit send button, it goes right away. Seems to me there’s a dial pattern that’s not matching. What I don’t know is if it’s at the phone level or the PBX level. Another system uses the very same equipment and calls go immediately once 1+10 digits or 10 digits are dialed. Anyone know of this? Oh, and when I test this on my lab system with Polycom phones, everything works just fine. So the question is what sets that delay time?

See http://download.support.yealink.com/download?path=upload%2Fattachment%2F2015-3-10%2F3%2Fe1b7fecf-286d-4779-ac7e-cbab79d9e6c3%2FYealink_SIP-T46G_User_Guide_V72_2.pdf , p. 75, Dial-now.

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The phone does. Phones have their own digit pattern matching and can set how long after a digit is pressed before it should consider the digits “complete” and send it to the PBX. Look at the user guide for the digit pattern matches, if you can’t find it there look in the admin guide.

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