Outbound call changes to hold music and drops

One out of 500 numbers we call will have the same problem every time. The call is fine until the receiving party tries to switch extensions. At the moment the call is transferred, we hear our hold music for half a second, then the call drops. This happens every time we call the same number.

So, we call the number, we hear their “stay on the line for service” message, then we hear our hold music and the call is dropped.

Help please!!!

This is at the end of the “full” log:

[2018-06-14 10:23:16] SECURITY[2001] res_security_log.c: SecurityEvent=“SuccessfulAuth”,EventTV=“2018-06-14T10:23:16.008-0500”,Severity=“Informational”,Service=“AMI”,EventVersion=“1”,AccountID=“admin”,SessionID=“0x7f7ae5255158”,LocalAddress=“IPV4/TCP/”,RemoteAddress=“IPV4/TCP/”,UsingPassword=“0”,SessionTV=“2018-06-14T10:23:16.008-0500”
[2018-06-14 10:23:16] SECURITY[2001] res_security_log.c: SecurityEvent=“RequestBadFormat”,EventTV=“2018-06-14T10:23:16.033-0500”,Severity=“Error”,Service=“AMI”,EventVersion=“1”,SessionID=“0x7f7ae5255158”,LocalAddress=“IPV4/TCP/”,RemoteAddress=“IPV4/TCP/”,RequestType=“Action: DPMALicenseStatus”,SessionTV=“2018-06-14T10:23:16.008-0500”,AccountID=“admin”

That isn’t an extract of the /var/log/asterisk/full log. That’s a quick capture of a SIP DEBUG command from the CLI. Without the actual information from the “full” log, there’s really no way anyone is going to be able to help you.

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