Operator panel for general use

I have a client that we are finally convincing to move away from Trixbox, but the main piece they are holding out for is confirmation of an operator panel that is as easy to use as HUD. Their main requirements are something simple to see who is on the phone and to easily drag and drop calls. They also want is as space friendly as HUD, which seems to be the main downfall of the panels I’ve looked at so far.

Everything seems to be browser based, so creating an easy to use layout that only takes up 1/8 or so of the screen seems really difficult, along with having a single icon to launch it that doesn’t tie in to your normal browsing…for instance, even if I create a new Chrome profile to run the panel in, when I close Chrome, ALL instances of Chrome close.

Is there anything out there that fills those requirements? Or does anyone have tips on making one of the existing panels more user and space friendly in this regard?

I think FOP2 fits here and I am able to call it from an tag in a html document that also lets me open other frames to other web tools, such a monitoring system. You can define ‘exten’ and ‘pass’ in the url to auto-login to the panel as well. There is also a Chrome plugin but I think it’s more for monitoring than administration, i.e. I don’t know if you can drag calls around. There is a free trial of FOP2.

And one eighth of a screen, how bIg is your screen? fop2 is all html5 and you can modify the css files to use as tiny a font and button size as is feasible , you will need more than 15 buttons to make that glow, but glow it does, even on your cell
phone. Yes you can drag and drop,

Start fop2 with

 chromium --app=<HTML HREF>

in a menuless but resizable window

Yep, HUD was actually a pretty slick operator panel type program for individual desktops. And for 10 phones, it really only took up a small amount of space on the desktop, so it was unobtrusive and easy to use. It sounds like I might be able to customize FOP2 well enough, so I will give that a shot.

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