Operation of an IVR on the other side does not work

I have installed FreePBX on a Raspberry Pi 4. I use IVR for incoming calls myself. When I make outgoing calls myself and encounter an IVR on the other side, it doesn’t work.
So if I type in menu numbers on my phone, it has no effect on the other side’s IVR.
How do I have to configure it so that I can successfully enter IVR numbers during a phone call? I suspect that this could have something to do with the outbound rules, but I’m not sure. Do you have any ideas or suggestions on this?

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Hello Bert,
and thank you for this detailed how-to. I’m currently testing it. But I’m sure I can get it to work.
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Well, it doesn’t work quite as smoothly as that. Because in the Asterisk CLI I just discovered that “dtmf” doesn’t exist:

> dtmf set debug on
No such command 'dtmf set debug on' (type 'core show help dtmf set' for other possible commands)


> core show help dtmf 
No such command 'dtmf'.

I’m also looking for DTMF among the installable modules in the GUI, but I can’t find it.

That CLI command doesn’t exist in Asterisk, and never has (yet another case of AI making things up). In normal Asterisk DTMF logging is configured in logger.conf for the respective channel (file, console).

Thanks for your information.

(So, hopefully you can see the problems involved in starting a venture based on AI acquired word salads (inferred from your other post), my suggestion, spend a couple of hours doing the old fashioned Reading of the FMs first :wink: )

So do you think Bert is AI-based?

No, as far as I know a Bit Error Rate Test in the Telephony world is not AI but an electrical analysis of the quality of a digital signal on a digital trunk as received at the far end of the loop.

Or did you assume Bert was something else?