One way call quality issues

I’m hoping someone can help me with an issue that we’re having. We just switched over to using FreePBX about a month ago, and generally, everything is going well, but I have one user who says that she’s randomly getting complaints from callers that they can’t hear her, that she’s muffled, or cutting in and out, that kind of thing. She’s the only user out of 16 that is having this issue and I can’t figure out how to track it down.

We’re on FreePBX version 13, Asterisk version 13, and it’s hosted on Vultr. I’ve got our voice and data completely separated, so we have a cable modem, router, and switch specifically dedicated to voice traffic only. I’ve swapped out her phone with no improvement. I’ve tried plugging her phone into 3 other jacks in her office. I’ve cable tested both the cables used to connect the phone to the jack, as well as the connection from the jack to the patch panel, and found no connection issues. The router is a Ubiquiti EdgeRouter Lite and the switch is a Ubiquiti 24 port POE EdgeSwitch. I don’t have a VLAN set up since all traffic is voice, so it didn’t seem to be necessary. Our phones are all Sangoma S500s. Anyone got any recommendations? I’m at a loss!

It sounds like the “configuration” of her phone might be hosed. Have you deleted her extension information from the system and deleted and recreated hew phone in EPM? Factory resetting the phone and cloning one of the working configurations for one of the other phones might get you some different results.

You should open a ticket and record that extension’s calls. I’ve been having issues with two deployments of S500s with “variable” talkers. People who start soft and start talking loudly or move the phone handset to a different position. Calls can go to “fine” to clippy and loud in a heartbeat. Seems to happen to women more than men, but I have instances of both female and male voices triggering this.

Please be the 3rd of “100k phones sold” to report this important problem with S500s.

Private message me and I can provide you with recorded samples for reference.