One manual override for multiple call flow controls

Hello All,
Current Asterisk Version: 15.7.4
I’m working on trying to figure out how to use call flow control (“DayNight”) I believe in early versions you could dial *28 and toggle all CFC’s off and on I’m looking for the same functionality with this version but I don’t see how that is achievable in this version at least from the GUI, I searched the topic and haven’t found a solution yet. My scenario is i have one receptionist answering for multiple people/exts when the receptionist steps away I’d like to dial a feature code “*28” to turn off/on “CFC” so the call goes straight to the ext and vice versa.

You can have multiple Time Conditions controlled by one Call Flow Control, which might do what you’re looking for.

In Advanced Settings, see the help for Hook Time Conditions Module.

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Thank you Stewart1 for your reply,
I have 8 ext that get answered by the receptionist currently the inbound route for each ext goes to a CFC which states normal rings the queue and override rings the ext, I’m not asking you to configure this for me but how would a TC work in this environment and be able to achieve one “over ride” button to control 8 CFC’s ?

Hover over the little (?) helper. Also once you enable it, go to any time condition and you’ll see there’s a new field, if you hover of that helper, it’ll give you some additional info.

Just FYI, Asterisk 15 is EOL, consider upgrading to 16


Thank you for your reply !
I just upgraded to Asterisk 16
So if I understand I set CFC to hook TC in advanced settings, then I point the inbound routes to the TC for each ext then set the “call flow toggle associate with” to one CFC ?

This setup seems to work how i want it to , thanks for everyone’s reply !

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