One Mailbox - Multiple Extensions

So what I would like to do is have 5 extensions, say 101, 102, 103, 104 and 105 that all use the same mailbox. So when they press the mailbox button they all enter the same mailbox (101).

I would like to accomplish this with the user not having to type in the extension first after typing *98. I want to press the voicemail button on all phones and have that phone know it’s supposed to go to the voicemail for 101.

Any way to accomplish this without command line changes and just doing it through the interface?


Yes - under the Extension -> Mailbox setting, set the mailbox to whatever you want - so the actual extension would have [email protected] - change the others to [email protected] and the Voicemail will go there, and be picked up from there.

@GSnover I beleive I have done this before, but on the 2nd phone when you check voicemail it doesn’t accept the password from the first extension and when you put the password from the 2nd it then says you have no voicemail.

ext 100
ext 200

Both have [email protected], both show the light showing they have voicemail.
The password in 100 is 1234
The password in 200 is 2345

200 can only use password 2345 and then doesn’t see the voicemail actually on 100.
I believe at that point you will have to use *98, tell it the extension and then the password for that extension, so in this case 100 and 1234.

Would there be some other setting I’m missing?

Yeah, it used to work, but I just tried it and no matter what you put in the extension settings, it seems to be overridden to the extension you are calling from if it has voicemail - if if doesn’t have voicemail, you get the Comedian Mail prompt - this seems broken, as we have used this MANY times in the past - I wonder if a FreePBX Guy/Gal can weigh in on when this quit working - if you look here:

there is a way using Symbolic Links, but that may be more in the guts than you want. Googling this comes up with the way I suggested over and over again, but as you found (and I did too) it doesn’t work anymore.

How do we get someone from FreePBX to weigh in on this?


Correction. To allow everyone to check 101 as their voicemail, program the VM Key on each phone as a speedial to:


Instead of *97.

In order to make each phone show the message status of 101, program the mailbox setting in the Extension Settings Module to:

[email protected]

(NOT [email protected]).

You can disable the VM on 102, 103, 104, and 105. They aren’t used and are unnecessary.

If the other phones cannot see the messages, you may need to disable and then reenable the mailbox for 101, and then immediately record a new greeting. There was, at one time, a bug that would delete some needed symlinks if you didn’t immediately record greetings after enabling a mailbox. I don’t know if that bug is still preset or not.

You can also accomplish the same thing using a Symlink in


so that


all point to the same place as 101, but I haven’t actually tested this because the method above works just fine…

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Thank you! This is totally working now. You guys rock!