Official Support for Hyperv

is there any official support documentation for Microsoft hyperv? We are moving away from vmware and towards hyperv.


@GSnover might be of some assistance here. I cannot recall but I think he had some experience here and might be able to point you in the right direction. Maybe message him.

I have been told repeatedly that it is not supported and not a “proper hypervisor”.

We have about 2/3 of the system we support on it and about 1/3 on dedicated hardware.

We are running several FreePBXs on HyperV, the only issue we have is, that we can’t upgrade 13 to 14

Yep, there is no upgrade path for the OS.

We’ve also had issues with phantom key presses/tones that mute people on conference calls in a way that they couldn’t be unmuted. Support said they wouldn’t look further into it because it was on Hyper-V.

Also, there was a period where the system backing up the VMs was causing FreePBX to corrupt itself. We had to exclude it from the backup rotation and just use the FreePBX backup system. It’s not nearly as friendly to restore from as restoring a VHDX file, but it’s serviceable.

I’m pretty sure I did a 13 to 14 upgrade on hyper-v right after the upgrade script came out.

But that was a long time ago I’m not super clear on it anymore.

Either way, Hyper-V works just fine as a hypervisor for FreePBX. At least Hyper-V server 2012 does. That’s the only system I have left on a local hypervisor under direct control. That one is going to a VPS next month.

I could have some clients using it, but I have no idea as all I ever get for that is GUI and SSH access.

Yes, at onset the script didn’t check for Hyper-V. We were told there were issues with the OS upgrade on Hyper-V and so the script was modified to check and fail if it found the system was on it.

I managed to do the same before the script checked for HyperV. That VM still works fine.

We run all our non-physical FreePBX instances on Hyper-V - They work great and have for years.

There is a (pain-in-the-you-know-what) way of upgrading a 13-Instance that is already in Hyper-V and it involves copying the VM into VirtualBox - once you have it running in VB, you can upgrade it to 14 (and probably 15 if you want) and then shove it back into Hyper-V because VirtualBox will mount and use a .vhd - but I would not even bother unless it was a VERY complicated setup - you will be happier with a scratch-load of the version you are looking for.

Here is the original recipe:

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