Upgrading a Hyper-V FreePBX Machine to Sangoma-7 - You CAN get there from here!

Ok - As the following two posts show, moving directly from FreePBX-13/Sangoma 6.5 to FreePBX-14/Sangoma 7 is no longer directly possible…

But there IS a path to do a backup and restore so that ALL of your settings, recordings, and most importantly End Point Manager is preserved - Read on!

  1. Create a Backup of the existing machine.
  2. Scratch-Load 10.13.66 - 64-Bit in a VirtualBox VM - Make sure you clone the MAC address of the old machine - You will also need to do this on a seperate LAN to make sure you don’t interfere with the running machine.
  3. Restore your Backup to the VirtualBox Machine.
  4. Update to the latest 10.13.66 - 22 is current.
  5. Upgrade the VirtualBox VM to Sangoma 7 using the script here: Upgrading from FreePBX 10.13.66 to SNG7 - PBX Platforms - Documentation
  6. Run a Complete Backup on the New Machine.
  7. Load a Hyper-V copy of Sangoma-7 - again, preserve the MAC address for activation later.
  8. Restore your Backup - You now have upgraded from 13/6.5 to 14/7.5 with ALL your settings preserved.

I would not go this route for a simple box, but for a complex box, it is WAY better than recreating all the things that the Migration script misses.

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That process is verrrrry long…

The real solution would be if Sangoma can include EPM config in the script.

However, did you try exporting the config on the 13 machine within EPM and then importing on 14 within EPM?

Better than the angry call from the customer because something doesn’t work - like last night at 5:15 as I was walking out the door - Machine I had migrated and I thought I had gotten everything right - the migration lost their custom MOH (which I still had, but didn’t know about until the complaint) and their Announcement that got switched to saying they were closed (A Pizza Place - So Friday night is KILLER).

Both were fairly quick to fix, but once again, our reputation for reliability takes a hit.

Yes this method takes a while, but the box comes back at 100% - No other solution comes close!

I migrated last week using the script for the first time, I realized that MOH wasn’t moved over, it was another 15 seconds of work… Had in mind to file a bug report (or check if there is already)

I must say, that the migration was faster then expected, and the easiest PBX migration I ever had (they have no commercial modules)

Client didn’t notice a thing wrong or not working.

We just have to put together a list, or perhaps add to the documentation a list of everything which is currently not being moved over by the script.

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