Not using correct trunk

V14 - this used to work, stopped a month or 2 ago - I didn’t make any changes, just updates

I have 2 trunks:
trunk 1 - voipms for business
trunk 2 - freephoneline for personal

have grandstream 1625, line 1 ext 500, line 2 ext 104

I have 2 outbound routes:
voipms - dial pattern to trigger on caller id of 5xx
freephoneline - dial pattern set to trigger on caller id of [1-3]xx

when I attempt to dial out using line 1, it uses freephoneline, not voipms


I was selecting line 1 and redial - it used line 2
I selected line 1 and entered # manually - works!!
the redial function on the 1625 is just weird


Can you show us your outbound routes dial patterns?

the problem is me & the phone
I guess when I hit redial (even tho I have already selected a line) it uses the last line I used to call that #
I just don’t understand how the phone works…i’m learning I think


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