Not getting Message Waiting light

I’ve running FreePBX with Asterisk 13.9.1 and Sangoma S500 phones with firmware

I’ve configured the phone extensions to use standard voicemail and can leave messages OK. The issue I have is that I’m not getting the Message Waiting indicator appear on the phone so there is no obvious way to know that you have a new message. The message can be retrieved by pressing the Message hardkey on teh phone.

Can anyone confirm if I should be getting a Message Waiting indicator and if so provide any hints on troubleshooting why I’m not ?

Many thanks

Are you using pjsip or chansip

pjsip on the extensions and chansip on the trunk to the sip provider.

Edit one of your extensions, click the Advanced tab, and note there is a setting for MWI subscription type. You probably want to try the other option.


The MWI was set to the default of Solicited, I changed it to Unsolicited and it now works perfectly.

Many thanks

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I have several devices for one user setup. but I want my desk phone to be able to display a message indicator. My soft phone don’t have to but wouldn’t mind if it does indicate new message. How do I do this w/ my current split user/device and multi-device config?