Not able to add users to groups in User Management

I’m attempting to setup groups in user management and can’t figure out how you add the users. I have created my extensions in Extensions then go into User Management and i’m able to create additional groups but i’m not able to assign users to the groups. The user button shows none selected but when clicked it does nothing. I go into the PBX Internal Directory group and that same button has all the users in it.

What step did I miss making the users available to add to the group?

I’m running FreePBX and modules are updated.

Do users exist? Everything is working fine for me, testing with User Management ver.

I show a bunch of users in the All Users group. I can select or deselect users from that Group but can’t add any into the other group I have created.

My user Management Module is as well.

Any suggestions on what to check or what I might be missing?

Any suggestions to this? Running into the same issue with UM on running on 12.7.4-1712-2.sng7 .

All three browsers, cleared history, etc, exhibit the same exact symptom. Click the add user to group button in group management, or vice versa in user management, gives this:


Report a bug.

Can anyone tell me if this same issue is present in PBXact?

It’s the same code base.

I am also having the same issue, but I cannot make any changes. (Additions or subtractions.) FreePBX version 10.13.66-22. UM

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