NOOB needing a little help

I’m installing AstriskNow in a VM environment with FreePBX and need a little help. I’m trying to learn Asterisk and I have a dedicated server in a data center to which I installed Virtual Box and setup up as eth0 as a bridge connection & eth1 as an internal network. There is no upstream firewall. Eth0 has a routable static IP & eth1 has my internal network. I will be using the Linux firewall with Centos 6.6. I have noticed that Asterisk binds to eth0. I was wanting to setup centos as a router and put Asterisk on the internal network and forward ports as needed to the pbx. I need to know what conf files to modify to do this. I will setup a VPN from my house to the server and using a softphone on my cell phone. I went with this setup so when I get things working I could easily move the PBX to a dedicated server. I’m sure I have forgotten some info too. Any help/suggestion very much appreciated.