No inbound caller ID name

hi everyone,
I have installed latest stable freepbx distro, Sangoma A200 (2xFXS, 2xFXO) and Sangoma S500 phones.
I have not inbound caller identification through the FXO ports. When a new inbound call arrives, only the number of the caller is displayed.
Through “Contact Manager” i have created an external group with some contacts.
I have also create a CIDLookup source with the external group.
In the dahdi trunks i allow any CID and the “Hide CallerID” is OFF.
Any help?

In CDR you do see CID name?

I’d say that you should double check with your carrier what he is sending.

I’ve seen that temporary forwarded to SIP lines, looses the CID name. (happens usually while porting)

Thank you for your answer. My carrier sends the CID correctly. I find a solution by enabling Superfecta Lookuo in “Inbound Routes”.