No extension can register

After running ver 11.5 for a long while I decided to upgrade to 13.

As my system is running in a VM on ESXi 6 I decided to build a new VM with ver 13. This way I can have both systems running in parallel during the migration and can see all the settings I need to setup on 13.

Installation was smooth and so was the initial setup. I used the Crosstalk Solutions Youtube videos to setup firewall, etc. I then updated all required modules to the latest.

I setup all my trunks and inbound/outbound routes as per my ver 11.5
I also setup my extensions as per my 11.5

However, no matter what I do I cannot get any extension to register.
Yealink T46G (latest firmware) , Bria 3.9.4 on Android and Cisco SPA3102. They all fail to register.
All 3 of them register fine on my 11.5 (and of course working fine with incoming/outgoing calls).

I tried ports 5060, 5061 and 5160. All failed to register. The extensions are setup as CHAN_SIP on the new ver 13.

My subnet is setup correctly on the FreePBX firewall. There is no other firewall between the devices and FreePBX.

I have setup FreePBX systems in the past but am no expert. Can setup the basics and find my way around (more or less). But am not sure where to find log files and/or info on failed registration.

Can someone please point me in the right direction where to start troubleshooting.

Thanks in advance!



It was the firewall! Even though it appeared to be configured properly!
Disabling the firewall resolved the issue. Extensions can now register as they should.

Sounds like you might need to check your firewall configuration options. I’m a believer in the new integrated firewall and really think it’s a huge improvement.

Perhaps my firewall is not properly configured. As I said, I followed online guides to configure it.

My setup is incredibly basic and simple. One subnet, which I have whitelisted in the firewall. Under my own setup (and with the steps I have taken) if the firewall is still blocking LAN extensions then I fail to see the huge improvement.