No Deny or Permit IP on a per extension basis when using CHAN_PJSIP instead of CHAN_SIP

Dear All,

I’ve finally made the move from CHAN_SIP to CHAN_PJSIP only to find that DENY AND PERMIT doesn’t exist for CHAN_PJSIP extensions.

I find this really useful and wanted to see if it is supported.

Looking here, I found that PJSIP supports contact_deny and contact_permit.

In this example: -

permit=, !

You can see there are various ways to lockdown an extension using an ACL.

According to the WIKI it looks like this can be done on a per extension basis.

Is this the case?

Why hasn’t this feature been added to FreePBX for use with PJSIP?

How do I do this manually? Anything I add to the Asterisk/ PJSIP config is overwritten each time I apply a configuration change in FreePBX.

Is there a patch to FreePBX which adds this feature?

Many thanks for your help.

There’s a “_custom” config file you can add these to that will not be overwritten by FreePBX.

The only problem is that I have no idea how you’d construct the stanza. Something like this would be how you’d do it:

 permit=, !

The catch is, I don’t know how you’d assign it on a “per extension” basis.

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