No audio with remote endoint when calling internal extensions, but works when calling outside line

The remote extensions were fully working a while ago, but at some point they started to have this issue, the two remote users took quite a while to report the issue so we don’t know when exactly it started to happen thus what might have changed. Remote extensions are a Mitel 6865i and a Aastra 6731i; I’ve tried it on multiple internet connections (all AT&T with plenty of bandwidth) and all extras/helpers in the home router turned off, but same issues. FreePBX is running in ESXi with a SonicWall in front. I’ve attached screenshots of relevant settings and below is the behavior of the remote phones:

Remote > External: Two Way Audio
Remote > Internal: No Audio
Internal > Remote: Voicemail (remote phone doesn’t ring)
External > Remote: Untested

I’ve tried everything I could think of and quite a few search result suggestions, any thoughts would be appreciated…

Since apparently as a newbie I can only post one image and can’t post links, here is a link to the images:

This is your absolute first start location. Once you have all of that working, you’re good to go.

OK - One by one:

This is normal, sort of. A lot depends on where you ESXI host is. If it’s in your local network, the NAT wouldn’t be an issue for the extensions.

Off-hand, this sounds like “probably” a NAT issue with your remote phones. Without a SIP DEBUG, you’re going to have problems troubleshooting this one.

This means the Remote phone is not registered when the call occurs. That sounds like a SonicWALL problem, but once again, the NAT settings will need to be looked at.

All of this could be the SonicWALL, but I suspect you’ve got a couple of issues that working together to thwart your enjoyment of life.

@Stewart1 (I think) and/or @dicko helped another guy out with a problem that looks a lot like this. [SOLVED] How to disable directmedia in all pjsip endpoints looks like one of the prime suspects.

Thanks, I had run across that article in my searching also, but it looks like his solution was the addition of direct_media in the pjsip config files, which I already have in place. Any other thoughts?

Anyone else have any thoughts?

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