No audio when making internal calls

i have made this account because our company is looking for a new pbx solution for our clients. At this moment I have installed freepbx version I have configured two extensions. And I have an issue. I have succeeded in registering the extensions and establishing a call between them. But the issue is there is no audio. How can i solve this issue?


wow. how did you even do that
faulty phones? are they on the same subnet with the pbx?

this is like when homer simpson makes cereal, adds milk and it explodes on fire


Yes they are on the same network. I also do not understand hoe there is no audio.

pastebin the SIP debug

Call setup but no audio suggest the signaling ports are good, but the RTP packets are not. Check your network and wireshark the call.

Hi, I I had wiresharked the call. Unfortunately, I do not have a screenshot now. I could see there are rtp packets send, but the VoIP call audio can not be played. I have used one grandstream phone gxp1625 and one linksys phone. I had performed a capture from the gxp 1625. Strange is it seemed that the rtp packets didn’t arrived at the freepbx. The firewall on the freepbx is disabled. Is there maybe something with the sip settings?

Sounds like the UDP Ports 10000-20000 are being blocked across this particular VLAN.

where did VLAN come from suddenly. are these same subnet or not. and same vlan if you’re using them

Confirm that in Asterisk SIP Settings, External Address and Local Networks are correctly set.

@asteriskadmin they are on the same sunbet. I am just using a switch and set an IP for freepbx

Hi all,
Just want to give an update about the issue I had. I have uninstalled the freePBX version and i have installed an older version, FreePBX 14. The issue issue got solved by this. I think there is something with the freePBX version 15. It is definitely not the network, because I still have the same setup. Only a different version of FreePBX.

Thank you all for you reply,

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