No Audio on outbound connection

I’ve been using two ATAs (Obi212 & NetGen) - The Netgen as a POT line going to it and the Obi has two GV Accounts. I’ve been thinking of adding a true SIP provider and have been trying BulkVS. Rates are good and thus far no issues - I’ve been using them for their free 8YY dialing since late November. today, I dialed an 866 number and it was dead air. I tried a test number - 800-444-4444 and again dead air. I look in my Asterisk logs and it shows that the call went through! I logged into BuklVS and they too show then call went through. Local calls thought the ATA lines work normally.

Any ideas?

My FreePBX instance is up-to-date (updates are done every weekend) and on an old HP EliteDesk. UDP 5060 and 5061 is port forwarded to the Elitedesk; no firewall on outbound traffic. I have BulkVS whitelisted in Fail2ban

I’ve also attached my logsBulkVS_8YY.tgz (3.6 KB)

I suggest you use sngrep to check which IP addresses the ultimate SDP traffic is going from/to and that traffic is being forwarded correctly through all your firewalls

Also forward UDP 10000 through 20000 (or whatever Asterisk SIP Settings has for RTP Port Ranges).
Otherwise, if your firewall rewrites the source port number and the carrier doesn’t do symmetric RTP, you’ll have no audio.

Sorry, I missed that the first time. If your public IP address changed, that could cause loss of audio. Check that in Asterisk SIP Settings, External Address and Local Networks are correctly set. If you change them, restart Asterisk.

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Thank you Both.

@Stewart1 - I added the the UDP Ports you mentioned (Verified those were in SIP Settings) and the test call went through.

@dicko - I never used this before - Downloaded and installed before seeing Stewart1’s comments…I see this being very useful in the future! Thanks!

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