No audio in remote extension Nat Issue

Hi guys, I need some help with NAT? (maybe) the remote extension can dial in to local extensions and local extension can dial to remote extension but both do not have audio. I’m using pj sip and my sip setting external network is using a fqdn

After way too much googling I think i can conclude that it is a nat issue.
I’m very very new to this so if I should provind any logs please mention it.

Make sure you are port forwarding UDP 10k-20k to the PBX. Also make sure your network settings are defined in Asterisk SIP Settings > SIP Settings

Try to enable SNAT for incoming Internet traffic.
Read my question with Subject: Audio work behind NAT only if SNAT are enabled

thanks for the reply i did forward those ports but it dosent work after some digging i found that my isp router has a SIP ALG so Im not sure if that might affect It but I found out about OpenVPN support on yealink Phones so im now taking my instance back as private

The general experience of SIP ALG with Asterisk is that you need to disable it and handle NAT in Asteirsk itself. (external IP, and local networks).

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