"No Answer" destination of Extension not working correctly from Queue

Good day,

I have problem with using voicemail on extension, whitch is called from queue as agent.

I would like this behavio: If extension is busy, wait with annoucement and music until it is available. But if extension is available after busy and it dont’n answer, forward to voicemail.

I configure this (essential):


  • Busy: Queue
  • No Answer: Unavail Voicemail if Enable
  • Not Reachable: Unavail Voicemal if Enable


  • Agent Restrictions: Call as Dialed
  • Skip Busy Agents: Yes + (ringinuse=no)
  • Music on Hold Class: Agent Ringing
  • Join Announcement: sound + Always
  • Static Agents: [ExtensionNumber],0
  • Agent Timeout: [little more than Extension Ring Time]

Bad real behavio:
If extension ring from queue and nobody answer, caller go back to queue music waiting after that Extension Ring Time instead of enter to VM.


  • If I set destination to Annoucement (instead of VM directly), which has set VM as own destination, message is played but then call is terminate (instead of enter to VM).
  • If I set other destination in Extension No Answer (for example another Extension), after that waiting time of No Answer of Extension in queue call continues same badly as VM. Call will terminate or back to waiting queue.
  • If I dial extension directly, VM (or another destination) work correctly (from Not Reachable Destination).

My version of FreePBX is and Asterisk is 16.24.1. All packages are updated.

Thank you for any idea, what I do badly.
(sorry for my english)

The only mechanism close to this is the auto pause feature. The agent will have to undo the pause before they receive further calls.

Please, tell me, how to works function “Agent Restrictions: Call as Dialed” in queue. I don’t understand it.
I thought first, it is for accept of “Forward” setting on extension=agent.

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