No Alert Info passing through after 14 Upgrades

Thank you Andrew! My users will be very happy to hear that this will be resolved soon!

Will this be a module update today?

Waiting for this update as well. Can I roll back a module until it gets fixed ? Any idea which one ? @tm1000

Yes. fwconsole ma downloadinstall MODULENAME --tag the.version.number

From the ticket linked in the ticket it seems like core.

But honestly, IMO I think it’s worth waiting for a fix.

Thanks. Figured it out… and you can do it easier right from the GUI. I did try rolling back core, framework and ringgroups… but… no cigar. Guess I’ll wait for a fix.

core version

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That’s not available yet… is it ?

If you don’t see it in the normal repo, you can turn on “edge” and you should be able to find it. You can also specify the version number on the “fwconsole ma” command from the console (not Asterisk) CLI.

It’s in edge. Like all new releases

Sorry… didn’t know about “edge”. Thanks

But hold on… If this is a fix to a bug you created… and now fixed… why is it “edge” and not a normal, stable release ?

I didn’t create this bug. This is the normal process.

Well I wasn’t saying you personally… Anyway. Just for the record, the feature works as intended now, after applying the new core version. Thanks for the fix!

I have this setup exactly the same on my freepbx 13 system and it works perfect using yealink phones. If you call from the outside and hit a ring group, it should hit the alert info and play Ring2.wav. Instead it is playing the default ring tone which is defined in the basefile as account.1.ringtone.ring_type.

I am trying to make the ring tone different between internal and external calls. Basefile is set as follows:


Why is it bypassing the ringgroup alert ?

LOL. I was banging my head on the wall! Hope to see this resolved Monday then.

I have applied the edge fix and still is not working for me on 3 different systems

I think the fix was for FreePBX 14. I am also having the same issue with FreePBX 13 and Yealink.

I have the same issue. I also have yealink. So this is not resolved.

The fix was for 14 only as the title of this thread says “after 14 Upgrades”