New Sangoma P370 Touchscreen

Anyone get one of these yet and start testing it? Ive been waiting for my distributor to get them in stock for a while so I can grab one to test and compare to the D80 (my main desk phone). My distributor finally has them in stock, just ordered one. They are on sale right now too…

Looking forward to testing it out and hopefully all goes well. It will be my main phone to sell to clients if everything works as planned.

I am a few days away from having one. Know that the minimum viable version for firmware is 4_6_X, so your first task will be to update it.

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Oh nice, mine says it will be here the 13th… Good info. I usually update phone to latest firmware when I get new phones so Ill make sure to do that once it arrives. Looking forward to testing it. Ill update this thread once I get mine.

Let us know once you get yours!

Sounds good, I’m interested to hear how you like it.

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I’m interested too…please report, once you got it…thanks!

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Jist got updated tracking. Looks like it will be here tomorrow!

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Fedex dropped my P370 off an hour ago. Plugged it into my POE switch, let it grab a IP, then navigated my browser to http://PHONEIP/firmware and uploaded the latest 4.6 firmware as suggested.

Proceeded to configure it as follows on my On-Premise FreePBX server.

Setup a PJSIP extension in freepbx, created a new Digium/>P series template in EPM for this P370…enabled HTTPS Provisioning and HTTPS for Phone apps in template. set both internal and external Provisioning address to external (FQDN). (LEFT firmware slot blank per Sangoma so as not to overwrite the latest 4.6 which doesnt exist in EPM yet).

Vhanged VLAN to manuel and put my VOIP VLAN ID in and saved the template… setup a new endpoint in EPM, set extension, assigned the new template and put in the P370 MAC and saved

I then touched Reconfigure server on the phones startup screen…put in my FQDN, proper port and clicked save…phone rebooted, pulled LAN IP from proper VLAN, and started right up with extension number… did a quick tests of incoming and outgoing calls, extension to extension, VM and then had to leave the office. Setup was quick and painless with EPM.

Ill test using sangoma redirect server next but so far so good.


Thanks for the report.

Have you had a chance yet to test the phone apps?

No I only had a few minutes before heading out with the family. Wife was giving me shit for working on a Saturday. Haha

Maybe later today Ill get a few minutes to play with it more otherwise Monday.

We’re running into some issues in about half of the apps, you’re going to want to grab 4_6_1 as soon as it’s available, that will clean up a lot of them. Still waiting for mine.

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Phone apps arent working on my phone. The phone itself provisioned and works great with EPM but Phone Apps arent working… I guess Ill have to raise a ticket.

Mine is up and running as of yesterday. Apps are largely working for me with fw 4_6_0, tho there are a few issues that are expected to be addressed in 4_6_1. If literally none of the apps work, then ensure you’re using apps over https with a proper TLS cert.

I do have PhoneApps over HTTPS enabled…I have a proper Cert, my D80 is using it along with PhoneAPPs…

Do I need to enable TLS for that extension of the P370?

I got it working… The problem was I was trying to program the phone upon startup with the Server address and had to select UDP or TCP. I put in the info and phone would work but no phone apps… That was not the correct way to setup the phone…

The phone works same as a Digium phone with DPMA management in EPM Ive discovered. I defaulted the phone, upon restart, the phone grabs an IP from my LAN DHCP server then pops right up asking for DPMA Management Global Pin. I put in the PIN and it pops up the list of extensions and I click on 104 (The extension I want to use with P370) then the phone reboots. Upon startup it now pulls the correct VLAN DHCP address (My VOIP VLAN configured in the template) then starts up with correct extension and phone apps. The test VM I left it last week was right on the home screen.

Few bugs Im seeing unless Im missing something. Presence doesnt appear to be working. I have a Red circle with Line through it in top right corner next to time… When I click on the Voicemail waiting on the homescreen, it opens up VM app and when I click play, the VM does not play… I can mark it as read or unread, delete it, etc… but when I click on the play button it doesnt play…

Conference rooms, Parked Calls, VM, Call Log and Favorites are all showing on the homescreen…

Also, when I click on Call Log, its not showing me any of my recent calls… Only outgoing is working, not incoming which I assume is because presence is showing as DND… How do I change the presence status on the phone to available?? Says available when I dial Ext 104 on my D80 but the P370 isnt ringing and I have the Red circle DND symbol top right corner of phone next to time…

Status app is not working yet, you’ll need to update presence from UCP. I’m seeing the same with call log, that is a known issue and I also can confirm the vm playback issue. Like I said above, you’re going to want to grab 4_6_1 once it’s available, and there will be other bug and feature fixes in the coming firmwares.

Ok then I wont keep spinning my wheels on this. Sounds like I have it full functioning with the progress of the current firmware. Definitely need to get those few things fixed before I can sell these to clients. Any idea on when 4.6.1 is going to be released in the FTP??

Presence is set to Available and DND is set to Disabled in UCP… Still cant receive calls on P370 and Red Circle with line through it in top right corner of phone…Contacts are working…

Support ticket opened for the Presence issue/not being able to receive calls…

I turned off Use DPMA Apps on the template, defaulted the phone and re-provisioned it. I can now receive calls on the phone… Still have the red circle in top right corner, but the phone is receiving calls now, Park works, Contacts work. VM still doesnt work, cant listen to or delete VM…