New open source SMS Connector module

Congratulations Bill.
Good job.:slight_smile:


Meh, let’s call it “ancient history” at this point. Lorne is the product owner of FreePBX now and he made the position clear.


Looking at the updates the one thing that stands out is how messages are marked for delivery. Is this just to confirm it was accepted by the upstream provider or is it supposed to confirm an actual delivery of the message? Just because the upstream provider accepted the message doesn’t guarantee it was actually delivered.

I know that Twilio and Telnyx will send delivery status to webhooks, I believe Flowroute does the same. So marking it delivered when the request is accepted by the provider but before it was sent to the destination is a false positive.

The meaning of this field is not documented. I took the “delivered” field to mean delivered to the provider. I would be open to changing it to reflect the status that comes back in the provider’s webhook. If anyone knows how this works with SIP Station I would model the behavior after that, to be consistent.

@BlazeStudios if you have a github account let’s continue this discussion on Clarify meaning of marked for delivery · Issue #8 · simontelephonics/smsconnector · GitHub

What we had offered to contribute would of been open source module but since we were told very direct it would not be included we moved on from it.


@billsimon have you thought of trying something like this to fill in some of the improvement ideas? I wonder if it can be helpful/faster in hyper-specific situations like this.

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New release this morning adds Commio (previously known as Thinq) as a provider.

My collection of SMS providers is now almost exhausted (I have one more to work on).

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As far as I know, AI can’t sign a CLA…

With the intention of eventually distributing this module through the FreePBX module repo, anyone who contributes would need to have a CLA on file with Sangoma.

vsc55 and I do (I know this because vsc55 has contributed another module to the repo already).

The multiple numbers per user / multiple users per number is not difficult and is probably next on my list.


Bandwidth dot com?
API info

It would be fantastic if you could integrate with BulkVS.
API docs: Bulk Solutions - API Documentation (

I don’t have accounts with these. Are you interested in contributing some code for connecting to these providers?

This is great. I created the connection to Twilio.

Sent a SMS message. From UCP which works.
I enabled SMS in Sangoma talk. However outgoing sms isn’t working from Sangoma talk.

I’m not able to get any inbound sms working yet.

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I got it working by removing the + in front of the 1 for country code. Thanks. It appears I can send 2 way sms using Twilio :+1: :+1:

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Version 16.0.7beta with many contributions from @vsc55 brings multiple user per DID / multiple DID per user. Thank you Javier!


Game Changer! :slight_smile:

@billsimon is including this in the FreePBX Module store something you imagine doing? Just thinking of ways to reduce friction to getting it to users.

It’s a pleasure to help where we can @billsimon

Deploying this tonight! Excited!

Does anyone have any experience to get this working through I can reach out and see if we can get some assistance from their side as well.

I am currently seeing an issue where even though my certificate is valid, I am unable to receive messages from Telnyx via the webhook. I took a peek at the httpd access logs and I don’t even see Telnyx reaching out to the systems I have tried this on. Do you have any thoughts on what I can try? Telnyx said it was a certificate issue but I made sure that our certificates were up to date so I am unsure of where to go from here.

You could open port 443 to the internet and then run SSL Server Test (Powered by Qualys SSL Labs) against it.

Make sure you put in the hostname there, same as the hostname you are using in the webhook for Telnyx.

The tester should tell you whether there’s something wrong with your certificate chain.

Since you’re not seeing the webhook hits in your Apache logs and Telnyx says it’s a certificate issue it probably is indeed failing on the TLS negotiation.

By the way, be sure to fill in the hostname in Advanced Settings - AMPWEBADDRESS (linked from the information box in SMS Connector Provider Settings screen).

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