New open source SMS Connector module

Yes that helped tremendously! It turned out I didn’t have my Intermediate CA in my Trusted Chain which was breaking it. Thank you!

One question, is there a way to fix the need to use 1 + the number. Maybe a way to rewrite 7 digit or 10 digit dials to E164? I know 3CX has a prompt that requires you to add +1 to the front of any numbers you are SMSing. I wish I could contribute but alas I lack the coding skills. Great work on this!!

you can modify outbound dial patterns in both general ‘routes’ and more specifically in ‘trunks’ , inbound routing is best done with a ‘normalized’ context like from-e164 if you are in NANP land, best if you make both outbound and inbound congruent for callbacks and contact lists, but until we are all 11 digits you might want to add rules that cover 10 digit as well as 11 digit dialing in NANP Cellphones also add the + meta character that you should interpret as whatever your locale interprets it as

Where are you seeing the need to use 1+number? In UCP if I initiate an SMS to a ten digit number it automatically adds the 1. Same thing in Sangoma Phone.

The only place you should need to specify a full 11 digit number (1+nanp) is in the initial DID setup in the SMS Connector module.

Yeah so I just sent a message to a ten digit number through the Sangoma Talk app and unfortunately it didn’t auto rewrite it. But when I sent it with 1+nanp it works just fine. That could be something with the Talk app so it may not be related to the SMS module specifically.

I just tested it and can confirm this behavior. Talk (mobile) app requires you to put the 1. UCP and Sangoma Phone (desktop) don’t.

I tried adding a number rewriting rule in the Talk app and it seems to solve the problem:

  • from the keypad, click the gear icon, then Preferences
  • Number Rewriting
  • (+) to add a rule
    • Conditions
      • Doesn’t start with: 1
      • Length equals: 10
    • Actions:
      • Prepend: 1

Now when I send SMS to a ten digit number it still looks like ten digits in the messages screen but it goes through, and I can also see the message synced in UCP and Sangoma Phone.


BulkVS would be amazing!
I have not written php in over a decade, I would be useless on this project but here is the api

It’s possible to develop against the API specs without testing but not likely to work well in my experience :slight_smile:

Someone who uses Bulkvs would be a good person to take this on.

If all you need is a couple of snipits of code to send or receive sms via their API, I have them. My sending gets an error since I have not setup a campaign, but that shows that it doing the correct things.

I will be releasing a new version later this week without the “beta” label. Thanks to all who have tested it. Contributions are exceedingly welcome. Right now I am engaged in other projects and will not be developing the module further other than bug fixes, which you can report on the github repo. Later I may be able to add more provider connections but my hope is that those in the community who use alternate providers will help with the code effort.


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SMS Connector v16.0.8 includes a contribution from provider Voxtelesys.

This module will remain hosted on github but now has “Third party module hosting” configured so that once you install it manually, thereafter, updates will be available from the Module Update screen or at the CLI using fwconsole ma upgrade smsconnector or fwconsole ma upgradeall.

Thanks to everyone who has helped test, given feedback, and of course contributed code.


Hi @billsimon,

I’ve created a couple of PRs to automate updating the module.json file with a github workflow.
You just have to create the new version release, example v16.0.8 and automatically generate the compressed file, the md5 of the file, this file is uploaded (Release v16.0.8 · simontelephonics/smsconnector · GitHub) , and update the json with data from the module.xml (version, changelog) file, the url of the new file, and the md5 of the generated file.

I hope this helps.
Best regards.


Do you think this can work with SMS factory?
SMS Factory | White Label Text Marketing | Business Line Text Messaging

Yes if it has a REST API.

Do anyone have a screenshot of what it looks like in UCP, trying to show to a stakeholder for buy in.

Thank you @vsc55, I think we can use at least part of this contribution. I’m not sure we can use the automatic packaging of the tar.gz file because I am manually signing the package and including the signature file (module.sig). I do not think there is a secure way to handle the signing in an automated pipeline, so the packaging may have to remain a manual process.

hi Bill,
thank you for this contribution. Is it possible to connect GOIP device directly or do we need to do some additional configurations ? and if there is no way out of the box, i have wrote a c code application, that receives the UDP datagram and parse the SMS content, but then i need to pass the SMS content received to your module or convert it to a standard sip header to be forwarded to a SIP user as text message. How can i integrate in your module. Sending out sms is still on going, i could not get the device to accept the BulkSMSSend request, i am still trying with it.

SMS connector is a generic interface to FreePBX’s SMS subsystem. So far, the providers implemented have been REST APIs but if you can interface with the GOIP using PHP then you could probably use this module with your GOIP device.

It would be super cool if we could add into this application

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