New Module Process Management not working - 404 not found

Just installed new module Process Management.
Now when I click on it on FPBX GUI I get this:

“404 Not found (modules/pm2/page.pm2.php)”

10.13.66-19 High Availability, Asterisk 11

Confirmed. It does not seem to do any harm, I’m not sure there should even be a menu item for Process Management, perhaps @tm1000 will confirm.

Yes, 404 Не найдено (modules/pm2/page.pm2.php)

There’s no gui to it right now

Without a GUI, how do we use it?

There is no GUI for it. Its a module that just handles proper log rotating and service management in the background.

It was a mistake to add it to the menu. We are fixing that now.

When updating PM above The error below is given. Any ideas?

syntax error, unexpected $end in /home/asterisk/.npmrc on line 1

	$cmds = array(
		'cd '.(!empty($cwd) ? $cwd : $this->nodeloc),
		'mkdir -p '.$this->pm2Home,
		'mkdir -p logs'

	$ini = parse_ini_file($npmrc, false, INI_SCANNER_RAW);
	$ini = is_array($ini) ? $ini : array();
	$ini['prefix'] = '~/.node';

Corruption in that file. Just clear it.