Network required during install? Install failed with no network card found at install? Intel NUC7i3BNH


trying to install SNG7-FPBX-64bit-1707-1 on an NUC7i3BNH. The installation completes, but at boot I get error that fwconsole is not found and no IP address has been setup. After boot, I do see eth0 in the list of network interfaces, but it is not configured?

When doing advanced mode and trying to setup network options, says no devices found?

What is strange is that I am seeing the interface once installed and booted, but it seems to be a botched install since due to no network during the install?

Any suggestions or options? Maybe I need to load a module for the network card when doing the installation?

Anaconda which handles the installer it appears based on your report here doesn’t support your network card. I know the NUCs have new network adapters.

Thanks Tony! Yes, once booted eth0 does show up and it says it uses the e1000 driver, but no lights on the NIC. I am thinking that it’s just not supported.

Is there an official way to lay FreePBX ontop of a more recent version of CentOS which has drivers for it? That’ll be my next step trying to just get latest CentOS loaded?

Alternatively, if I can do a minimal install and get the driver installed for the NIC how can I salvage the installation where it won’t have Network during install time?

We are using the latest CentOS 7. Their is nothing newer for CentOS.

Hi did you ever resolve the issue?. Im looking to install freepbx on a nuc. looking some information on compatible models. Thanks