Network issues after install

Hi Guys, im new here but very experienced with CentOS. Here is my issue…

im running several Proxmox hosts in OVH, i follow their documentation for the ip configuration and always works just fine…

i run an installation of the latest Freepbx and network works just fine while installing, i setup the static Ip and i ping… everything is fine…when the installation is done and i reboot then no network, i make sure the interface is up…and it is… i dont get it.

Nobody knows anything about this issue?

If it helps (and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t) I don’t know what this means…

The usual suspect here is that the static IP address information gets overwritten by the install, so whatever you did before the install is gone. When you reboot the system, the interface might be up, but your etho-up file is probably toast.

A few of the usual commands will help:
cat /etc/…/eth*.up

One of those should probably help you and us get a handle on the problem.

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