Network High RX?

I just set up my freePBX server and am seeing a constant, high rx on the ethernet port. How do I figure out what’s causing this? It can’t be normal, right? I don’t have any ports forwarded from the Internet and also have the Responsive Firewall enabled.

Thanks for any help you can give!

You’ll probably have to capture all traffic using tcpdump for a few minutes (let’s say 10) and then load the file in Wireshark and get to analyzing what type of traffic you are looking at.

Something similar to what I had to do here to figure out our bandwidth usage.

I suggest iftop as it is nice and simple

Maybe I am just the worst at using iftop but in my case I really needed the raw packets to be able to get them graphed out and really figure out where most of the network usage was over a certain time period. I really struggled with being able to pull the same info from iftop as I was able to in Wireshark but maybe in your case it’ll be pretty obvious given that you don’t expect that much data to be coming out of the system in the first place.

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