Network behavior

I’m experiencing strange network behavior. The server is running on FreePBX The web-gui stops responding if it’s been idle for ~10 mins. I can regain the connection to the server by ping it on the ip address. It’s goes the same on ssh. I know the issue is not in the network because the asterisk / extension are working just fine. The VoIP is functioning with no problem. Has anyone experienced this with their freebpx?

IP conflict?

Can you give us some details on your network setup?

I have 2 networks - Internal and external on the server
| Interface | MAC Address | IP Addresses |
| eth0 | xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx | |
| | | fexx::2ec:xxxxx:xxxx:xxxx |
| eth1 | 00:EC:AC:CD:83:43 | |
| | | fe80::2ec:acff:fecd:8343 |
The sip trunk is connected to the external (static) IP address. I don’t believe it’s ip conflict because all the extensions are working just fine. As I said, as long as I keep ping the server the webgui (and ssh) will stay connected. I loss connection only if it idles more than ~10 min.
BTW, what tool can I use to scan of ip conflicts?

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