Netherlands (Holland- Amsterdam) Dial Patterns


Can anyone please provide netherlands (holland - amstrerdam) dial pattern for PBX ? i am struggling to find the correct format.

This is what i ve done so far. 0030 is because we are a greek company so i need international calls to greece as well.
Thanks in advance!

Can you tell us how many digits your provider needs to receive for local calls, and how many digits you want to dial? Include an example please.

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Hi @PitzKey thanks for your reply!

My provider is from greece (yuboto voip).
I have purchased 2 different trunks from them.
1 greek number. 1 netherlands (amsterdam) number.

In greece we use 10 digit number for landlines and mobiles.
So the ‘greek’ trunk works perfectly.

The ‘netherlands’ trunk has been set the following dial patterns (from me)

No matter what combinations of the above i ve tried even dialing amsterdam numbers, it doesnt dial them.
Any clues ?

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