Need assistance with FreePBX and cisco-usecallmanager patch

I am trying to follow this guide ( to patch Asterisk with the cisco-usecallmanager patch however the links are outdated. So I was trying to use this guide ( however the second guide seems to be strictly for Asterisk without the FreePBX front end and it has me compiling Asterisk instead of using a package manager to install Asterisk. So I am really confused how exactly I should be installing this correctly to work with FreePBX. Can I get a little bit more guidance please? Thank you.

Sorry for missing links you will have to fill in the gaps. This forum will not allow me to put links for some reason.

The only thing that really has changed in those instructions is what version of Asterisk and RPMs to use. You still have to do all those steps to apply the patch and rebuild the RPMs to use it.

That’s the problem though. There is no RPM that I can find for the Asterisk 13.32.0 build. They only have Asterisk 13.33.0 but they only have a patch for 13.32.0. So I really don’t know how to apply this patch without the RPM.

The problem you’re going to run into is that patch is for pure Asterisk. FreePBX uses RPMs they build, they are not always current to the release of pure Asterisk. However, that being said I just checked both a v14 and v15 box and I see the current version of Asterisk 13 is, in fact, 13.32.0.

[[email protected] ~]# yum list asterisk13*
Loaded plugins: fastestmirror, versionlock
Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile
Available Packages
asterisk13.x86_64                13.32.0-1.sng7                sng-pkgs

Ok interesting. But how do I apply the patch to the currently installed version of Asterisk? I am new to this so sorry for my ignorance.

You might be better off using the SCCP firmware and chan-sccp-b asterisk channel driver. Even though it is not trivial, it is way less complicated that patching asterisk and you get the benefit of being able to use almost all, if not all, the functionalities of the Cisco 7xxx series phones.
And also, if your asterisk version gets an update, you don’t need to worry whether patching it again to stay current or stay on an old version in order to avoid re-patching.

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It’s pretty much the same process. There may be some updated information on the forum. But instead of using the old 11 RPM you use the 13 RPM. I haven’t done this patch before so I’m not sure what you need to do exactly for it.


there is a version for 16.9.0

so rinse and repeat the process replacing both the patch version and the asterisk version, such that asterisk11 become asterisk16

Never done it but WTF.

(make install might spring a need to clear old *.so’s , but shouldn’t affect FreePBX.)

Well the step that I am hung up on is the “rpm --nomd5 -ivh ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/asterisk13*rpm” step. I cannot find that Asterisks 13.32.0 RPM anywhere so I’m kind of stuck and I cannot go further with that guide.

Clear old *.so’s? I am not sure what those are that need to be clear. What’s the difference between a make install and a yum install?

So , given the patch was to asterisk 16 and you downloaded it then as I suggested

“rpm --nomd5 -ivh ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/asterisk13*rpm”

would be probably better as

“rpm --nomd5 -ivh ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/asterisk16*rpm”

The patch was for 13.32.0 not 13.33.0. There is no link to a 13.32.0 on that repository. That’s the problem I am facing.

Did you start with the


(You wont be able to do this without a fair understanding of linux and how to compile and install fromsource)

I looked into your chan-sccp-b and the build guide doesn’t have any information for CentOS 7.6 which is what I believe FreePBX is running on.


I have compiled once. Usually I just follow a set of instructions and that is it. I don’t know what all is going on. I just follow the instructions. The problem I am having a hard time wrapping my head around is how do I translate the FreePBX instructions to the Usecallmanager instructions. They are both completely different.

I guess what I am saying is that this is going back to my question of what is the difference between “make install” and “yum install”. Because the FreePBX instructions use yum install and the Usecallmanager instructions use make install. What is the difference?

Just follow the rules at

It compiles and installs asterisk as advertised, there is no need to build RPM’s or any involvement of YUM

So then I don’t need to do this "rpm --nomd5 -ivh ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/mISDNuser-2.0.19-1.5.src.rpm "? The FreePBX wants me to do that but the Usecallmanager doesn’t.

There is no specific information needed regarding centos. I installed chan-sccp-b in more than 5 FreePBX 14 distro servers and I just followed the installing from source instructions step-by-step.
Start here:

I just linked the instructions and there are many. For Debian, Fedora and Ubuntu. Which instruction did you follow?