My Yealink T19P won't register in FreePBX

Hey, i’m new to FreePBX and i want to try something.

I want to add my Yealink T19P to my hosted server with FreePBX. So i created a extension with 201.

So i go to my GUI in Yealink and fill in the username & register name 201 and the given password
Then i fill in my SIP Server. First the serverhost was the IP Adress of the hosted server on port 5060.

But for some reason the registering fails everytime. What am i doing wrong?

Is the sip channel driver you created the extension with listening on port 5060 ?.
Are there any network devices between the extension and the server?

Yes it is listening to port 5060.

The network devices in order. My network → Yealink T19P → extension on FreePBX on my hosted server.

I’m asking “is the extension using chan_sip or chan_pjsip?”
“Is the Yealink on the other side of any firewall or router than the PBX?”

Try firing up sngrep so you don’t have to guess so much.

I’m sorry. I’m new to this.

I’m using pjsip & and the only firewall i know atm is the firewall of the FreePBX. I don’t know if my CloudVPS got something like a standard firewall on it

thank you for your help

Need to set :
Server Host = freepbx ip address.
Outbound Proxy Server = same thing
port = look at the default port in the Extension menu and bellow Edit Extension
User name and Register name = Your extension number
Display name = same on FreePBX Display name.

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