My phones changed to DST yesterday. How to change them back?

Yesterday, all my phones suddenly are one hour ahead in time. (we use YeaLink T42G)

Upon logging in to the phone’s GUI, I see the DST dates are wrong. For some reason it thinks DST started March, 2nd.

I’ve done some snooping and looked at the YeaLink basefile and found these entries
local_time.start_time = 3/2/7/2
local_time.end_time = 11/1/7/2

It looks like the first two sets are what it’s set to but what is the 7/2 part?

Should I change these or is there another place in FreePBXto change the DST start and end dates?

I’m not familiar with Yealink, but polycom let’s you select a specific day, or nth sunday of month x (for instance). If may be that those four numbers are a similar type of config. (possibly march 2, or 2nd sunday (7) of march) You’d have to look at the documentation.

As for a place to change in FPBX, If you have EPM, the phone template for Polycom (again), has a on/off button for this, but no configurability. If may pull from the system timezone…

It look like the basefile was correct but the version of EPM was out of date. I updated it and rebuilt the config and I think that fixed my problem. Thanks for the response.