Multiple WAN

Hello everyone!
I have none-typical installation.
Currently we have two ISPs: one is used as our main internet line and for connecting to the first SIP provider, 2nd is LTE for a second SIP provider only. Both connections have static external public IPs. Both connections are coming to the router, where I have a static route from LAN to LTE modem for the 2nd SIP provider.
Why do I can’t forward all our calls via the single WAN? This is prohibited by the law. All SIP providers can provide their services only within their networks, so we have to connect another ISP line if we want to get a phone number from their phone number pool.
Previously I had multiple physical LAN connection directly to the PBX box with static routes inside of PBX, but maintaining a couple of LTE routers wasn’t a good solution, so we decided to combine everything to a single router which will route the traffic and everything seems to work fine but…
When you call via LTE there are often no sound, but connection establish. Very often when I receive incoming call it drops on 31st second. There is no problem with 1st ISP connected which is use our main connection. Unfortunately, I can’t find multiple IP settings in PJSIP driver or in Trunk setting. Also, I can’t specify IP for each trunk (I was thinking that this may help).

Is it possible to use a single LAN and multiple WAN on the router’s side? Or should I back to multiple LAN connections back?

chan_pjsip, which is the SIP driver you should be using, allows you to specify a external address for each each trunk, because it allows multiple transports.

Unfortunately, as of:

there was no way of doing this in the GUI. As the online user guide is stuck and FreePBX 13, and the resolution of the feature request, mentioned in the above thread, isn’t clear, I’m not sure if any support has been added since, although I suspect the GUI support may only be for associating the custom transport with the trunk and not defining it in the first place.

Which country is it that is nobbling the internet in this way?

Thank you for you solution - seems like it works (I’m testing it now).
Such rules are applied in Belarus. For example, if you change office building where is no ISP that you used before - you’ll loose your phone numbers.

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