Multiple time conditions and holidays

My company works:
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 17:00 - calls ivr main
Monday - Friday 17:00 - 20:00 - calls ivr second
Saturday from 8:00 - 13:00 - calls ivr saturday

Holidays defined by days of the year in time conditions, and hours other than above - the client hears a message about the opening hours of the company and is disconnected.

Could someone tell me the best way to solve this?

where are you routing calls to after you play the announcement??

After the announcement that the company is closed, I will disconnect the connection.

I was wondering if it would be a good idea to create it as follows

Create time groups

TG1 - holidays
TG2 - Saturday 8 - 13
TG3 - Mon - Fri 8 - 17
TG4 - Mon - Fri - 17 - 20

Create time conditions

TC1 - holiday
if matches → announcement we are closed
if non matches → TC2

TC2 - saturday 8 - 13
if matches → ivr saturday
if not matches → TC3

TC3 - Mon - Fri 8 - 17
if matches → ivr main
if non matches → TC4

TC4 - Mon - Fri 17 - 20
if matches → ivr second
if non matches → announcement we are closed

Here’s how I do this with my clients.

I set up 3 calendars, Holiday, Weather&Special Closures, Open Hours
I set up 3 announcements “We’re currently Closed for the holiday.”, “We’re currently closed due to weather or a special event.” and “We’re currently Closed”
I set up 3 Time Conditions based on the calendars.
I set up 2 IVR’s: OpenIVR and CLosedIVR (Open IVR is optional, direct to a ring group or whatever you want to happen during open hours).

Inbound Call —> Holiday Time Condition

Holiday Calendar = match → Holiday announcement - > closed IVR
No match
Weather & Special Events Calendar = Match → Weather announcement → closed IVR
No Match
Open Hours Calendar = Match → Open Hours IVR (or wherever…)
No match
Closed Announcement → closed IVR.

If you keep the announcements simple and separate you can re-use them anywhere.

If you use the calendars to control the Time Conditions then you need fewer time conditions. You can put multiple different entries in the Open Hours calendar to handle the days/times the phone should ring.

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Thank you very much for the hint, I will check the solution with the calendar, compare with what I have done so far and choose a better solution.
The rest I did exactly as you described, first I check the individual conditions and then upload to the appropriate IVR.

With the way I have it constructed, the users only have to add entries to the Holiday or Special Events calendars. They never have to mess with their Open Hours calendar once it’s set.

I thought what the OP was asking, and what I’ve had to do in the past is a condition where, On January 1st, it will say “We are closed in observance of the New Year, please have a prosperous new year” - then it goes to VM. For July 4th, similar “We are closed in observance of July 4th” - etc. etc.

Rigth now we’ve had to do this with interconnected time conditions, but would be so great if it could be done on a calendar that used Event Title or Event Description to determine where to go if the calendar condition is met.

If you want specific announcements for each holiday then you need to do that manually or set up a calendar and time condition for each individual holiday. That’s waste of effort to my mind. A simple generic “we’re currently closed and will re-open during normal business hours after the holiday break” covers all holidays and doesn’t require any special routing beyond the 3 calendars I have above. Anyone calling in will understand.

keep things simple and they work a lot better.

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