Multiple Tenants - 1 FreePBX System?

Is there a way to utilize a single FreePBX Server for multiple single office tenants? Where we can isolate each tenant from communicating/dialing extensions of the other tenants??

I have a client of mine that is running a PBXact system on the 2nd floor for their management company. They own the 1st floor which they setup with 14 individual offices for lease. I have a dedicated Cat6 Gigabit LAN and Verizon Fiber 1000/1000 Internet connection and 5 static WAN IP’s setup for just the 1st floor tenants. Using Untangle NG Firewall as the Gateway for this 1st floor network like all my other clients. Each office has 6 Cat6 RJ45 ethernet jacks. I have those wall jacks patched in to 48 port POE switches in my server room and each tenant has their own isolated VLAN which I have tagged at the switch port with DHCP enabled. That way each tenant can plug into any of the ethernet jacks in their leased office and they will be on their dedicated VLAN.

My client is providing VOIP phone service to these tenants as well vs each tenant bringing a different phone system and us having to accommodate it on our network… Hosted VOIP through say Ring Central or Nextiva was an option but the price per seat gets expensive for most tenants that need many phones (15-20).

Has anyone setup a FreePBX server that they then configured for different companies (tenants) within that single FreePBX server? If so, how did you go about doing it?

I want every tenant to have a phone (or however many phones they need) with simple features. Sangoma Connect, DID, VM and thats about it. Standard simple setup. I just dont want one tenant to be able to call the tenant next store via extension or see them in their contacts, etc… I would setup each tenant with extension range so tenant 1 would be extensions 100-199, Tenant 2 would be 200-299, tenant 3 would be 300-399, etc…We arent talking a lot of extensions or tenants. For example, I have 1 tenant moving in starting Aug 1 and they are leasing 7 of the 14 offices and they need between 15-20 phones/extensions/DID’s… Another tenant moves in end of August and they leased 3 office, so that would be the second company in FreePBX with 3-5 phones/extensions/DID… That leaves only 4 offices left to lease to 1 or 2 tenants. So in the end, we are talking maybe 5-8 tenants/companies running off this 1 FreePBX server…

Thoughts on best practice to set this up? Or is this something you wouldnt attempt and go with Hosted?

If this is just not easy and manageable to accomplish via an on-premise FreePBX server… Then my next thinking is to setup individual FreePBX installs for each tenant on Vultr… Ive done this already for testing and been running a FreePBX system with Sipstation trunks on Vultr for over a month without a single issue, its cheap and works great…

FreePBX is not designed to be a Multi-Tenant system. You can do some things, but honestly, it is not worth it.

If you want Multi-Tenant, you need to look at something else. It could still be Asterisk based, but it is not something FreePBX can easily handle.

I didnt think so after trying to draw up different configurations and make it work here in a test environment but thought I would post to see if Im missing something and people are doing it. Sounds like my thinking was correct…

Individual Vultr installs might be the route… Only cost is minimal monthly hosting fees, a few 25yr module license fees like Conference Pro and SysAdmin then the Sipstation bill for SIP Trunks and DID’s…

Look at Freeswitch/Fusion PBX or VitalPBX.

Thanks. I think we will just go the Vultr Hosted FreePBX route for each tenant…

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A Vultr VM for each of the offices is a good solution, but don’t underestimate the power of a local VM Host as well. It all depends on what resources (network, power, internet, etc.) you have.

If you have of lots of little 2-6 extension clients, then you can fit literally dozens on a $5 multi-tenant, multi-domained type PBX as mentioned, The basics are all there, the Sophistication of a full blown PBX is there but more complicated to set up but it is rarely necessary for the mom-and-pop type client.


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