Multiple SIP and PJSIP Trunks Issues


AsteriskNow All modules are updated
PBX Firmware: 6.12.65-32
PBX Service Pack:
We have multiple PJSIP Trunks setup each for outbound and inbound calls all was working fine until a feww weeks ago. Currently we are having an issue where all 4 PJSIP registers fine with the SP, but only only 1 PJSIP can work at a time, no inbound or outbound calls can be made using the other 3 PJSIP accounts (congested message). I have configure 1 x PJSIP and 1 x SIP in order to get 2 of the trunks working. How do I get all 4 PJSIP accounts working. It seems as if Freepbx is not allowing for multiple PJSIP ot SIP to be make concurrent inbound/Outbound calls.
I setup another Freepbx using FreePBX and i am getting the same issue.

Thanks in advance

One of those is EOL and the other is beta. Why don’t you try an actual stable/supported version like v14?

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