Multiple simultaneous inbound calls


We are using Free PBX and it seems that we have a problem. We have a call center with 15 agents and one phone number.
We are using Zoiper as a soft phone (Lite version)
At some times, we are extremly busy so a lot of people calls us.
When an agent is available, he receives multiple calls simultaneously. This means that a lot of windows appear with Incoming call. If he answeres one, no other call will enter, because we have deactivated Call Waiting.
But it is not really cool that multiple calls are entering simultaneously. Just one should go to the agent and this is how we used to have our old PBX server setup, but the one that we are using now (for a few months now), we can’t get to set it like this.
My “expert” sais that this is normal and we should limit the number of lines from Zoiper (we can;t do that because we use Lite version).
So is there a setup that we must do in order for an agent to receive just one incoming call at a moment? If he ignores it or rejects it, the next one should go to the agent and so on, but not multiple simultaneously.

Thank you!

skip busy agents - ?

id have a look at that queue setting …

As Chris said, you want your inbound calls to go to a Queue.

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