MULTIPLE "misc destination" [SOLVED]

Here’s the problem today …

I have to make sure that if no one in a group answers, the call is sent on some mobile phones … I would do it with misc destination but they have to ring 4 mobile phones the first answering takes the call …

Does anyone have suggestions?

Just make a ring group comprised of the external numbers you want to call and set that as the destination for no answer. Be sure to end the external numbers with #.

You probably want ‘confirm calls’ enabled for a ring group that has external DIDs.

Or use “Follow Me”
You can set it to ring the desk phone and cell phones at the same time, or after the desk phone times out.

I would like to think that a group of cell phones would ring instead of extensions
how can I do it?

I tried to get misc destination in follow me but it does not work …

I tried to put in the extensions of a group the parameter if not registered go to misc destination but it does not work.
And in misc destination I put #

The way I am describing to do this doesn’t involve misc destinations at all. Create a ring group, add the external numbers followed by #, also select “confirm calls” to make sure that voicemail on one of the cellphones doesn’t pick it up.

Now, in your normal extension ring group, go to the bottom where it says “destination if no answer” and point that to the new ring group you just made.

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perfect you have been very clear
It works

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