Multiple Freepbx setup?

Hello me and a friend of mine well settings up 2 freepbx installation. sense he and my self are new to the whole server and software world have a question. We bought this VPS server were can setup multiple clients server software. As we did everything went great. both installations are working with no problem. The question not really sure if it is a problem are not is ports. Sense both freepbx setup uses the same ports and he wants to setup a phone at his house as well as i do How can we do this? Sense i know can’t have 2 servers using the same ports in port forwarding or can you?

Thank you. Joseph

Basically it is a Proxmox server my friend bought.

That would be a good thing, Your best solution IMHO is to add another VM running a real SIP proxy like Kamailio, and have your subjugate FreePBI peers register to that instance and your various VSP’s also send calls to that instance (that’s why it is called a proxy :wink: ). It’s all a little hardcore for you guys getting your feet wet, but when you figure it out , you will love it !!

Hello Dicko thank you for the information. You know what guy on youtube jeff dunham has that one dummy that he keeps saying that is a little over his head. Yeah well that would be me LOL

Sorry, no knowledge of youtube-dude but seriously it is a piece of cake, a walk in the park, even a no brainer, just try it!! you got FreePBX working, yes? and that involved a modicum of RTFMing, no?

Hello dicko no was a joke man LOL. I’m learning about Kamailio as we speak.

Hello dicko I’m learning more and more about this But hopefully within time i can get this. I do have one question sense I’m using a Pci analog card a A200 how can i tell my virtual Vm i guess you call it to point the card to mine to make it work i found a lot of stuff online but mostly people that are having trouble with setting it up.

Cards aren’t usable in virtual environments, (or doesn’t work perfect) you should use gateways.

Hello psdk what is a gateway do? I heard of them but never actually figure out what they do? They thing is i have 4 analog lines i need to make work on this.

Gateway coverts PSTN protocols to VoIP protocols. same Cards that do it with help of Asterisk and DAHDI and drivers like WANPIPE, gateway do all of this standalone.So gateways are external devices.
For example you can use a Sangoma Vega 50 for 4 FXO lines.

Okay so I’m a little lost the gateway is like the pic card i got but instead of having in the system the card it doesn’t go into the system at all? So does it connect via what usb, Ethernet? And it will setup the same way as i do my Pci card?

I’m just trying to figure out what the gateway does that is all. Maybe it is better to use that then the PCI card.

gateway connects to your FreePBX via SIP trunk.

Oh i see kind of what my friend uses he uses SipStation. So the question is which one would be good for me sense i have 4 lines and i might want to add another 4 later on?

thank you for that information.

SipStation is a cloud service, and you can have your own numbers. This is via SIP trunk too.

both of them have some advantages and dis. So you should compare them more better.

I would use tdmoe for that

That way you can have some trunks go to one vm and some to the other, it would be ideal for your project.

Hello dicko and psdk thank you for the reply back. What i need to do is setup the 4 analog lines that i have now. Either being using the analog card or some other means. The gateway you was speaking of which one is that? Would it be able to use all 4 of my lines?

Yes you can send all 4 lines to one VM with dynamic ethernet dahdi trunks, it is way cheaper than a 4xFXO gateway especially as you have the hardware already . . .